Seeing Clearly Is A Kind Of Fiction


 “Light Coming Over The Mountain”

by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

Seeing clearly is a kind of fiction.  In truth the world is not so clear, but is a haze, and it is only focused because of the lens of our eye.  But you could go further with this thinking, and say that the world is not visible, since it is our brain that creates this image, this “reality”,  it is only a physical feeling world.  And so the “visible world” we most often see (if not impaired)  is a picture made by the brain (visual cortex) that is inside our heads.   There are creatures that only navigate by touch, (animals in caves) and with sonar.  So the world to them is not a visual one but one that is alternate sensory based.

If there were aliens that perceived the universe with quantum minds, then to them, the universe would be quantum like, not physical.  It seems very unlikely that we could see these beings.  Would they not exist in the same state of matter i.e. Not solid, not liquid, but quantum, particles dispersed between, that they themselves observe to exist?  They would only imagine “atom creatures” like us.   How we are built to perceive the world in many ways determines what the world is.  I think it is ridiculous, absurd to assume that we understand anything but this very limited view, programmed solely on our biological perception.  Who are we to say what other beings can imagine or do? They will do what they want.


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