Thoughts Driving To LA, Summer 2012

by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

I Took a moment from driving to peck out a few lines.
Sometimes I think when traveling.

It is fairly straightforward to set financial goals. Though not easy, at least these are finite.
But when it comes to so-called ‘achievements of the mind’, these goals are limitless. They are without bounds. It is something to aspire to, and the space of thought (whatever is out there to be discovered) are not limited or as set in stone, as many people so often think. I imagine it probably helps to be looking at the twinkling lights of a city fifty miles away, a hazy dusting of glitter, coming into view in the middle of the desert, as you pass a mountain.
I would like to at least inspire those to consider looking more carefully. At what I consider this limitless space. Hopefully writing can do that, take us out on empty highways at night.
So in regards to what I’m doing, and themes, (other than driving right now and keeping the car on the road at three in the morning), that would be an objective. To simply show that a new medium is possible and can be worked with. It is open to anyone, and is vast like this desert here…
Many things become clear in places like these. This was another thought, simply popping in for no reason, like a meteor. The ones who cannot possible comprehend how far you’ve come or gone ..will judge you as arrogant. That is the unit of distance they will use.

I’ve stopped for a moment. The road, normally a busy highway, is quiet. It is about eighty degrees. The night sky is bright.


Copyright © 2012 Matthew Kenneth Kosak


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2 responses to “Thoughts Driving To LA, Summer 2012

  1. Alex Jones

    Carry a note book of voice recorder for those wonderful ideas that spring up during the day, often at awkward moments.

    • Anonymous

      I will say off record, that this draft was probably texted to my inbox, not a notebook. Thanks for your comment, and i will take a look at your blog as well!

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