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A Man And His Million Dollar’ Coin

by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

Actually, I keep it all locked away,

My net worth’s in the stock market of words

In a city that hasn’t yet been found

Nor the value, it seems, fully appreciated

In a place I’ve not yet even gone to the first building  of

I’d found this place in ruins, a while ago, awakening to it from somewhere else

though it seems no one knew it (that I was here)

The true darkness was the invisibility of it, of their seeming deniability

(of the fact it existed, despite the seeming obviousness of it)

You see I must find a bank, and soon, I’ve got a coin

A million dollar’

I wish to cash in

A trinket of sorts, a life, had told me it had some worth

A life mind you (a shade) not a person, but their outline (their impacts, accomplishments I suppose)

And many outlines pass to and fro

In front of the old saloon, they leave not a shadow

In front of me to cross my path, as I walk to the building

[Some pretty eyes beneath a hat meet me halfway]

It’s got some value, why wouldn’t it? I can feel its weight in my pocket

I only hope, after it has paid my debts [after it’s paid me back out from the chasm, the hole that’s a deficit of time itself] there’s enough

Left over for a drink, something maybe with a kick.

And I’ll tell her when she comes,

her shadow’s different, a lot different

We all have but one shade, just one, and I wouldn’t mind frankly if she’d join me in mine. For a bit. Not too long.

“How about some liquid courage?” “One?”

“No. Make it two.” The bartender poured it and then vanished.

And after a moment, I sensed those pretty eyes nearby. “Is this taken?” She asked.


“For me? I nod. But I’ve still not seen her yet. I face forward.

“Yes.” And she grabbed it and took a sip. “Mmmm. That’s good. How did you know?”

“Good guess.” Then she reached in her pocket and showed me a coin. It was just like mine.

It’s a Million dollar’ gonna cash it one day.  She smiled.

Copyright © 2013 by Matthew Kenneth Kosak


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