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Unkept Promises Tumble Like The Notes

by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

Unkept promises tumble like the notes

Into a pool becalmed by the dawn

A morning waited for a night to clear itself

As it had done before

Now, that unintended silence

Is near earth shattering, against the rustle of the palms.

These hours of waiting are no more deliberate than…[the others, those times left unattended]

But are necessary like oxygen

The edge of this pool is obsidian black, and dented from wayward meteors

Those fallen stars we used to collect

We have these debates, if she will if she won’t, it makes the make up so much better

The black strings [dangling dangerously] remind me of some theory of everything I once heard of..

What’s better is if they’re removed, like excess superflous terms in an equation.

It’s wet, all of it, the pool, the ocean, the sky..soon at eleven a.m. it rains on the money here for ten minutes.

Go ahead and take a dip in the dihydrogen oxide

What is unbearable is the waiting.

© 2013 by Matthew Kenneth Kosak



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