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The Air Becomes Toxic

by Matthew Kenneth Kosak


The air becomes toxic.

A toxic air of intolerability, a precipitation of doubt

Sapping the heat from the permafrost.

And why can’t I simply live? asks the seed [thought], frozen,

Suspended, in non-animata. Not yet knowing the feel of Spring

How the liquid heat feels of life fulfilled , of rivulets coursing

With spontaneity , and arms outstretched, the green skin soaking

The first light in a morning

It wonders if it might- (ever) to such feelings, make a sound, an oratorio (for them)

Is there someone to hear it? silly seed, there is no one of our species with ears, (not yet)

These are still in the darkness of the days

leaving their trace

On the grey smudgy pane

The toxic rain of your desolation, has not finished washing.


© 2013 by Matthew Kenneth Kosak


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Using Font In Your Favor

 by Matthew Kenneth Kosak


Front desk: I’m sorry we can’t publish something that’s already been published.

Me: Really?

Front desk: Yes truly sorry, they should have told you that before you showed it to the F’n WORLD.

Me: F’n?

Front desk: Excuse me?

You said F’n World

No I didn’t. I burped before I said world, it was an uhun sound, you know like a hiccup, you’re hearing shit.




Do you print in green or black?

Black of course. (odd look)

There you have it. Problem solved. I print all of my blogs in green. It’s never been printed in black before.


Well,… (chewing gum rapidly) we don’t accept unpublished authors.

But I thought you just said that I was already published? So which is it, am I published or not?


Ok, we’ll run it. But don’t think you’re one of THOSE authors. I imagined her looking past her desk toward the waiting room. It was mostly empty, but in its day.. I presumed it was full of THOSE authors.

How do I get to be one of them? (I walk into the trap)

You can’t be one of them. They are who they are and that’s all that they are ever going to be. If they weren’t who they are they wouldn’t be anybody, you see, they’d be unknowns, like you!

I think you might be mixing metaphors.  

Your father’s name wouldn’t be Minos by chance?

…his dame married a bull?

Excuse me?

Never mind.

Are you sayin’ I’m full of bull?

No, not exactly, but a DNA test would likely confirm it, just to be sure.



Copyright © 2013 by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

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The Addiction

by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

Perhaps I am craving you because I knew you in the future

That hot cigarette dangling wet in my lips, calling to breathe in (for a breath from the beyond)

through the tiny glowing chars

(just as) I am addicted to the waking of the night
From a sky of rusty porcelain.
And places that introduce themselves each time
I open my eyes

I fill a lung with the hot desert air
Where it will transport me , off the deck and into the abyss.


© Copyright 2012 by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

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A Person Unwinds Like A Top

by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

These are nothings really

Just visions, the carbons of reality

How simple they are.


A person unwinds like a top

along a rope

Taught between two trees.

His motion flickering to and fro, like the ends of

The last bits of the flame

That reach, (balance) across the autumn plane,

‘Forth through time, extending

Between the existences

The times of yesterday jumps and hops

The back’s and forwards’ from today’s, and tomorrow’s,

Hot on these steely pages, fresh, crackling, with the vivid real

snow in the receiver, a sparkle in the eye

See the motion in everything, as a heated thing vibrates, in heat,

Translated in its motion, from a collection of the infinitesimal, the invisible hands

From time culminating, from purpose converging, from the tiny vibrations

Moving as one inside,

her body now in a kind of dance

I wonder if she knows it

How simple it really is

This response.




© copyright 2012 by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

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