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A New Tangled Intimacy


A new tangled intimacy

Distant with stripes she’s decked in

Climbing forever

Into black clouds, threatening to rein

On these drops of sweat

Pouring o’er a taught body,

Absorbed with another program

A mindless form, but distracting pleasure

Sipping in and out

The nectar, viscous, sweeping, over

Steel flowers populating these crowded aisles-

Banishment deserved for curves

Against a norm of straight lines


those lonely trails in the invisible miles

like the ones I once observed

Cutting to and fro across mica flats


[Do it princess, on a  metal flower, make

The pistil dip and spread his pollen,

(that is the payment,


the reward




Elbows in she streamlines to make her letter

Her stamp, her move, a sentence, a vision.

Time deceives us, painting music and sculpting bodies,

Mimicking images on the monitor,

It can’t be trusted.



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Literary Magazines “Spotlight”- EPOCH

My take on the lit mags scene..;)

The Crisis Equation

EPOCH _HomeFront byJaneFiler


Since I’m looking at publishing options, I thought I’d share my explorations of the literary magazine front and spotlight their receptiveness (pro or con) to a new author’s works (that would be me). It might help people who are looking at this as an option to publish their works and get them into a wider audience. Getting your works into one of these magazines will take some effort, but it is an excellent route to aim for, and it has some advantages. It’s considered traditional publishing, (as opposed to self pub) and you’ll have ‘bragging rights’ as well as a sense of accomplishment in your writing that you’ve joined the ranks of other names that have appeared there in the past.

Epoch is a literary magazine published by Cornell. They publish poetry, shorts stories, screenplays, graphic works, cartoons, and even…

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Author Bio


“Matthew Kosak is an award winning author. He has received over a $1 million prize for his medical non-fiction. He now writes fiction and poetry, but stays connected to the research world as an independent contractor. His other interests are making indie films.”



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Girl on a Street Corner

As I waited at the light I noticed there was a girl standing on a corner, holding a cardboard sign. It was about a quarter to six, and ninety five degrees. It was some distance away, but I could make out she wore sandals, and a very light summer dress. In one hand was the sign, the other a cigarette. As she stared forward towards the oblivious cars, I could see the smoke illuminate over her shoulder.

She was tall, not unattractive, and seemed  to know what she was doing, whatever that means. But what was it? that got her there that afternoon? On that particular corner, a busy freeway exit. I wondered about her story. Was she out of work or a struggling student? Had some ‘friends’ put her up to it? or was she some recent victim of the economic drought? It seemed that business wasn’t very good at the moment, she was leaving, and so she walked over to a cement transformer box where she had an oversized nylon handbag tucked away, put the sign in it, and walked off.


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