Girl on a Street Corner

As I waited at the light I noticed there was a girl standing on a corner, holding a cardboard sign. It was about a quarter to six, and ninety five degrees. It was some distance away, but I could make out she wore sandals, and a very light summer dress. In one hand was the sign, the other a cigarette. As she stared forward towards the oblivious cars, I could see the smoke illuminate over her shoulder.

She was tall, not unattractive, and seemed  to know what she was doing, whatever that means. But what was it? that got her there that afternoon? On that particular corner, a busy freeway exit. I wondered about her story. Was she out of work or a struggling student? Had some ‘friends’ put her up to it? or was she some recent victim of the economic drought? It seemed that business wasn’t very good at the moment, she was leaving, and so she walked over to a cement transformer box where she had an oversized nylon handbag tucked away, put the sign in it, and walked off.


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