Literary Magazines “Spotlight”- EPOCH

My take on the lit mags scene..;)

The Crisis Equation

EPOCH _HomeFront byJaneFiler


Since I’m looking at publishing options, I thought I’d share my explorations of the literary magazine front and spotlight their receptiveness (pro or con) to a new author’s works (that would be me). It might help people who are looking at this as an option to publish their works and get them into a wider audience. Getting your works into one of these magazines will take some effort, but it is an excellent route to aim for, and it has some advantages. It’s considered traditional publishing, (as opposed to self pub) and you’ll have ‘bragging rights’ as well as a sense of accomplishment in your writing that you’ve joined the ranks of other names that have appeared there in the past.

Epoch is a literary magazine published by Cornell. They publish poetry, shorts stories, screenplays, graphic works, cartoons, and even…

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