It’s A Scene


She comes in

I could watch her enter many times

Purse down the counter calling

Put a drink here

Open up, shed some bills

Let the cash change hands once


The steaming coffee in a cup goes down

Trades sides, gives in, to the pressures

Of conformity

Stays hidden in his vessel, meek but


More on you later

A jabber jaw strains

(tries hard, crashes, feels the pains)

She’s bending down

Loose change loose everything

I catch a glimpse in a mirror

Lipstick contrivance observance

Culture, vulture

The cup has followed her and

enters a mouth

Legs swoop- scissor over a chair,

It goes to work without a fight

The normal force, pushing her back

Not even something obscene just

caffeine and it’s a scene, at six fifteen.

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