Rejection Letter

Dear Matthew,
We are grateful for the opportunity to read and consider your new work. We very much regret that we are not able to carry it in the magazine. We do, however, look forward to reading more when the time comes.
Paul Muldoon (Poetry Editor)
Elisabeth Denison (Poetry Coordinator)
New Yorker


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4 responses to “Rejection Letter

  1. I got the same letter, verbatim. It sure does sound hopeful in a sad way. How did you read it to mean?

    • Matthew Kosak

      Yes, it does sound that way!.. but since it very likely came directly from one of those “auto-responders” I took some satisfaction in posting it, and didn’t take it personally at all. Since you got the same one, it sounds like it is. We just have to keep submitting, right, until we get a human? Thanks for sharing that too:)

      • Yes! Humans are great! I admit, I was pretty geeked to get that response from them instead of a robot-sounding “We regret we cannot publish your work” or a mean “Never submit to us again.” (Hahaha). Either of those would have been so much less exciting. 🙂

        Keep on submitting. I wish you luck!

      • Matthew Kosak

        Even though rejection letters can be exciting, I think I’d still prefer something like “We are very happy to inform you of you pub in our lit Mag” or wherever, or maybe “We are waiting for you to send us your work..where is it!!?” Haha. Thank you Erica. You keep submitting too:)

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