The Lit Biz ‘Show’

The lit companies are like these little totalitarian regimes. And the author, their subject. Occasionally they share inspections or interviews. They want to confirm that the subject is conforming. You can see how the author must say the right things, talk about other lit writers and their inspiration must be “approved.”
The interviewee is nervous, nodding all the time, ever so subtly. While someone in the background, behind the glass windows watches. First they begin with a question- one they already know the answer to..the farce almost becomes obvious, testing their coolness. But then they’re almost done, it’s going well the author appears compliant. “And how is the life we’ve helped you live?” Its not so much the money as the lifestyle, you travel to far off places, galleries searching for items to fill your second vacation home. Put some of these details in the story, they said, change the title they said, change your opinions they said.

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