Flash Fiction Friday



You are always there
At any hour, day or night, you will serve
Blindly obedient, nuking my food
Carousel turns, the microwave burns
You were there when the first champagne bottle ‘popped’
The first one, the size of a muon (it was believed).
That event long ago “the Big party”
The great microwave, wave.
But that was slightly longer
That too involved spinning
So quite probably, spinning is not just a localized phenomena
It happens all over the universe
It’s a trend, that’s caught on
They heard about it just once
In the Orion nebulae
And then it exploded, went viral, like the next antimatter. Went to Eta Carinae and also the blue marble diner,
Seems you can’t go anywhere now without seeing a turning table, all aglow.
But they’ve got other waves too, gamma, and radio..
And out past the horse nebulae, at a place called the Old Corral, they cook it over a pit of dark matter. Ribs. Any style. From the spiny ‘eglitaliwanki.’ And a drink, they recommend the Cat Eye freeze, with a real dark energy, squeeze. There are so many flavors of particles to choose.
Makes my microwave box seem like the stone age, my food less exotic.
at 1 a.m. my galley’s less quixotic.

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