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Where is the edge of a poem?

And I’m just curious as so I might clarify
because these things sometimes aren’t clear
where is the edge of the poem?
where is the edge of the poem?
where is it’s start and where is its finish
and I must apologize, i’m referring to where your mind began to think of it
not where the words actually started of course!
because where did it start
because where did it start?
because where..did it..?
Did it begin at the end of the introduction
the last words of my letter?
did it begin at the conversation you didn’t have with your barista?
did it begin at the title of the email?
did it begin at the “check please?” at the café that morning?
where does the reading end and where does it begin?
endings seem to be more clarified than beginnings.


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A Person Unwinds Like A Top

by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

These are nothings really

Just visions, the carbons of reality

How simple they are.


A person unwinds like a top

along a rope

Taught between two trees.

His motion flickering to and fro, like the ends of

The last bits of the flame

That reach, (balance) across the autumn plane,

‘Forth through time, extending

Between the existences

The times of yesterday jumps and hops

The back’s and forwards’ from today’s, and tomorrow’s,

Hot on these steely pages, fresh, crackling, with the vivid real

snow in the receiver, a sparkle in the eye

See the motion in everything, as a heated thing vibrates, in heat,

Translated in its motion, from a collection of the infinitesimal, the invisible hands

From time culminating, from purpose converging, from the tiny vibrations

Moving as one inside,

her body now in a kind of dance

I wonder if she knows it

How simple it really is

This response.




© copyright 2012 by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

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Photography- Mountain Lake and Reflections..

An early morning hike up to this alpine lake was rewarded with unusual cloud formations and natural wonder. There was very little wind and the sun was breaking through clouds to the mountains in the East. This is b&w but the color shows more of the clouds. The area was teeming with life. What you’ll have to imagine is the sound of the birds. There were some noisy’ mountain jays and robins and occasional hammer sound of a woodpecker in the distance.


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Reading Prose and Poetry- Some excellent sites and links

Here are some sites I would recommend for the latest in prose and poetry. These periodicals are also accepting submissions of original work.

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I don’t know what this song is about..


I don’t know what this song is about

It’s only a mood, no words, just pictures

There are no capitals, no punctuation, the words just come down

Onto the paper and then float away

I think it’s a photograph of life, a picture of it

And right now it’s floating high

But its something far away, bigger than life

like a cloud, and I’m trying to draw it in real size

on a tiny piece of paper

It doesn’t even fit in the room so I’ll draw dots around it

And connect them with a song.

I won’t try to write them down

I’m sending them on to another place

A different place to be..

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