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Where is the edge of a poem?

And I’m just curious as so I might clarify
because these things sometimes aren’t clear
where is the edge of the poem?
where is the edge of the poem?
where is it’s start and where is its finish
and I must apologize, i’m referring to where your mind began to think of it
not where the words actually started of course!
because where did it start
because where did it start?
because where..did it..?
Did it begin at the end of the introduction
the last words of my letter?
did it begin at the conversation you didn’t have with your barista?
did it begin at the title of the email?
did it begin at the “check please?” at the café that morning?
where does the reading end and where does it begin?
endings seem to be more clarified than beginnings.


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Words Are Like Caves

by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

This is an excerpt from  “Caves, Elements, DNA, and things about Novels”


‘Many people don’t know that  you can climb into words

and knock around inside them with a rock hammer.

They’re like  caves. And you might find things written on their walls,

ancient ideas, or maybe even a vein of gold.

Or perhaps a rough piece of glass which is not really glass,

but is natural diamond.’

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